Romualda... Yes, I do!

A wedding is a special moment, very emotional, and we see our hats as artistic objects, pieces of utilitarian art that contribute to create unique moments. More and more brides are looking for special pieces that tell a story, their story, and reflect their personality. This is why our hats are the perfect complement for those brides who don’t tend to follow the rules. We believe art should always be around us, every day is unique and our pieces help make them a bit more special.




The idea of hats for weddings came from an antique Burmese silk sari, embroidered with rhinestones, which we used to make the first pieces. The fabric was inherited and we wanted to use it in something that would evoke that sense of permanence, that would also be passed down from generation to generation and that would suggest the idea of a living object with a history. Now, we have a variety of wedding hats to choose from, all different and unique for our Romualda brides.


Jimena Muñoz, the founder of Marengo Flores, is a florist from Madrid with whom we have a tight friendship and who has been a big supporter of Romualda from the start. We have worked with her for a few of our events and she has always delivered the most beautiful flowers so we were so honoured and excited when she decided to wear our Hat Girasol Grande on her wedding day.
How would you describe your bridal style? 
I was looking for something simple, something that made me feel like myself. I chose a two-piece from Cortana with a lot of flounce in ecru silk. To give it a more personal touch and true to my style I looked for a special accessory; a Romualda hat. 
What made you choose a hat for your special day instead of a more traditional headdress?
I love hats so much, whenever I go on a trip I always buy one as a souvenir. At first I was looking at headdresses but I quickly realised that wearing a hat made me feel much more "me". It felt more natural and more my style. 
Why Romualda?
I love everything you do in Romualda, I find them very different hats but above all very special. When I saw the new collection inspired by spring and flowers, it was clear to me. I'm a florist and I couldn't have been more happy with the sunflower hat. 
How did you feel on your wedding day? How did you feel wearing our hat?
I felt very comfortable during the whole wedding with my Romualda. At the time I thought I would only wear it for the aperitif but in the end I was so happy and so comfortable that I wore it for the whole meal and the beginning of the dance. It was a great success!





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