Romualda surfs Mentawais with surfer and photographer Adriana Lozano

Adriana, originally from San Sebastián, Spain, is a talented photographer with a passion for analog photography. With a background in architecture and a life spent in various countries, she currently resides in London. Her work is characterized by a focus on light and nature, creating images with unique intention and depth.
How did you discover your passion for photography and what attracted you to the analog format in particular?
I discovered photography during my Architecture studies in Barcelona. A friend had just begun taking photos, and I was captivated by how we can share our unique perspectives of the world through this medium. My curiosity about analogue processes and the pre- digital era naturally led me to explore analogue photography.

What fascinates me about the analogue process is the way it makes photography more intentional and mindful. With a limited number of shots, the process becomes more reflective, encouraging greater attention to the present moment and the surroundings. I love not having to constantly look at a screen while shooting film. In a world dominated by screens, the ability to create and work from start to finish in the darkroom without digital distractions feels like a gift. What began as mere curiosity has since become my primary medium.
How does your background in architecture affect your perspective and photographic composition?
I think the obsession with light started in architecture school. As I grew creatively and got to know myself better (something I’m still doing today) I chased designing calming spaces. Spaces that related to their use more deeply, creating experiences for the users as they walk around the spaces, and light plays a big role in shaping a space.
My photography is very much a different take on that. When I shoot I think of those who will look at the pictures and how they might experience them. This is an ongoing area of research and evolution for me.

Is there a specific place that particularly inspires you to take photos?

I feel most inspired by nature. I grew up on the Basque coast where I was surrounded by sea and mountains. Through my work I chase calm, and nature is the perfect source for that. Even if I’m not shooting, spending a few moments in nature makes the day better.


Can you describe your process in the darkroom developing Romualda?

Working with Romualda started shooting in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia so taking it to the darkroom to finally see the work was wonderful.
It all starts by making contact sheets of the different film rolls to have an overview of the job. The contact sheets allowed the team in Romualda and myself to select the most interesting shots. Once we have our selection it is time to start printing.

At first, we do different tests to find the right colours and exposure, and once that base is achieved, we tweak certain aspects, a little bit more exposure (or less) in a certain area, and a few other things to achieve the final result. Once we have all of our images we scan them so they can be used in web, socials...

 What do you enjoy most about this part of the photographic work?

My favourite thing about working in the darkroom is the tactility of the whole process. It’s a craft, and there are no screens throughout. I like reducing the use of screens as much as possible as you might have observed by now!
Another great thing about working in the darkroom is the community that builds around different artists that enjoy hand printing.

How would you like your work to evolve in the coming years?

Creative work is always evolving, but my goal for the next few years is to continue exploring the concepts of narrative and calm, uncovering new layers and depths to tell meaningful stories. I'm eager to see how my perspective shifts with time and new discoveries. Currently, I'm in the early stages of developing a new project and am excited to see how it progresses.

What do you like the most about Romualda?

What I love about Romualda is the wit behind the brand's pieces. In a world filled with mass consumerism where it is hard to stand out, Romualda does precisely so by creating a new dialogue between art and fashion, from form to print.
Romualda is special because the people behind it are special. Pouring their creativity and love for art into pieces made with care and locally, no small feat in today’s world.

Photographer: @adrianamdu

Models: @valiagontard @mahina.akaka @vaimiti 

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