In Romualda we believe that beautiful things should be able to last in time and memory. We do not believe in the fast consumption that is killing the planet's resources. 

As consumers we need to buy less and choose better and, as creators, we need to engage with the need to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

We put all our effort, time and love into creating a universe of unique and exquisite products that are the perfect fusion of craftsmanship, artistic expression and good design, which will accompany us throughout our lives.

We ensure that everything we make and use has maximum traceability and a positive impact on our environment, by taking care of nature and carefully choosing our suppliers according to our ethical and social principles.

We are constantly searching for new materials and production techniques to make our project more and more sustainable. We work closely to promote local businesses and reduce transport emissions, working closely with all our suppliers to ensure that we leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment.

The cotton we paint on comes from an agricultural cooperative based in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan, where it grows endemically, and we buy it at fair trade prices. Our supplier cooperates with an NGO that restores the traditional knowledge native to the area that was lost after a civil war by training more than 12,500 workers.

In addition, the cotton is processed in Europe and complies with all GOTS and IVN regulations. In our hats we also use pure wild silk and linen, i.e. without any mixed yarns, so that they can be completely recycled. We manufacture our hats in the north of Spain, placing the highest value on tradition and know-how.

Our wadding comes from recycled bottles collected from the ocean. Our suppliers of 100% cotton bags work with women at risk of exclusion in Spain and all our packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable.
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