Romualda X Enfant Précoce

Francis Essoua, alias Enfant Précoce is a painter born in Cameroon in 1989 who discovered art at a very young age. Précoce’s uncle, Malam Essoua, a free-spirited sculptor, was his main source of inspiration and role model. Malam was also responsible for introducing Enfant into the art world. Prior to becoming an artist, he had already shown a special interest in movement which he expressed through dancing. It was this interest that drove him into falling in love with painting around 2013. Enfant Précoce’s art portrays bodies of different shapes and sizes brought to life by a colour palette inspired by his own life experiences.



Beyond painting and dancing, Précoce’s creative soul also flourishes in the fields of photography and tattoo art.
The collection, made up of ten collector pieces, has been hand painted by Enfant Précoce in his studio in Paris, and handcrafted by Romualda at their atelier in the North of Spain. The collection is inspired by nature. Enfant has gathered elements from his own artistic universe and translated them into a new canvas: the hat.


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