We are Sisters

We are sisters

Cristina and Mariana, painter and designer, created Romualda with the idea of uniting their passions and the desire to create delicate and special objects that reflect their love for beauty.

Today, Romualda has become a community of free and creative spirits that grows every day, and this is a constant surprise and joy for us.

Our character is not far from that of the first men who invented and created art out of necessity in an intuitive and wild way, attentive to the force of inspiration, astonishing us with the emotion found in the everyday and determined to capture its essence. 

Recovering ancestral techniques and respecting the purity of the materials, we look for ways to create exquisite products that make that lasting emotion.

Romualda was a Dutch artist we met as children, when she lived in the Mediterranean desert of Rodalquilar; her way of creating and understanding life inspires us to imagine a project that respects and loves the world we live in. That is why we decided to name our project after her: