Lina Bou cooks the first Romualda edible hat

Meet Lina Bou, the Hat Chef

Born and raised in Sweden with a mix of Swedish and Spanish heritage and based in southern France, Lina has been dedicated to natural healing, culinary arts, and visual creativity and has created the first Romualda edible hat!

Inspired by nature, human connections, and diverse experiences, Lina's creativity is a language that intertwines different art forms to bring joy and medicine to life.

Tell us more about you, where are your from and what did you study?
My name is Lina Bou, I was born and grew up in Sweden, my dad is from Barcelona so that makes me a mix of half Swedish & half Spanish blood :) I live in France since 11 years, and based close to Biarritz where I live. I’ve studied many things, but my diplomas are in naturopathy, herbal medicine and journalism.

When and how did you decide to dedicate your life to natural healing, culinary and visual art?
It has been strong passions since I was a teenager, and that is what brought me here and guided me the way through creating and working in those fields. I have always been fascinated and passionate about the beauty of nature in all kinds of ways, I get intrigued by discovering new parts of myself as well as supporting others on their journey.

What drives me is creativity as a language, and moving freely through the seasons devoting myself to what feels true to myself personally and professionally.
Essentially the decision is really about how different art forms intertwine to bring medicine and joy to life.


What is Ronia Terra?

Ronia Terra is the name of my brand where I offer my services in the areas of healing, culinary and visual arts. It’s a universe i created throughout the years combining my work with naturopathy, cooking gigs, and art. You can discover healing consultations, book private dinners, edible installations, cooking workshops, have a read, or get the illustrated moon phase calendar. The name stands for and consist of the natural healing and the fertility of the earth, joined with intuition and playfulness of a wild child.

What inspires you the most in life and in your work?
Nature, including human beings, beauty and all the things we can learn from each other and by experiencing life itself in different ways. I can be inspired as much by a gorgeous shaped veggie at farmers market, as a deep discussion, music, an art piece, or traveling to new or familiar places with wonder. And what really inspires me is to learn and do new things, it keeps me alive and curious.
What do you love the most about cooking?

That it includes all of the above! The creative infinity, working with hands and senses, how it gathers people and can lead to great conversations and how healing a great meal is. It’s medicine for all senses, and I love the playfulness with it.

How is the art and process of creating your own recipes?
It is very much inspired by for whom and what it is for, for example what season and weather, the produce at the moment. I often think in layers and working with a product in focus, love adding little surprises, local aromatics and making it belly friendly. It is very much like creating a painting, where I look at my colours: textures, tastes and colours and I with that creating a balanced beautiful recipe of an art piece for belly and the eyes.

Cooking or eating...?

Ahaha definitely both! But not in the same time! I like to sit down eat in calm, and when I cook I go fully in. I think as many cooks, I’m someone who loves cooking because I love to eat… ;)
What’s your favourite dish? (Or favourites…!)
So many… haha. But also quite simple I think. I mean lasagna can be the best thing ever on a chilly day, as on a summery day a fresh salad filled with flavours of wild herbs, flowers and a really good dressing. I am obsessed with different pestos, dressings and dips (all people that have worked with me or eaten my food knows that haha). I also love eating local specialities, a grilled fish on the seaside, a tortilla in Spain, a good cinnamon roll in Sweden.. Plus the whole setting adds it value to the dish… I think that adds a lot to the favorite dish, is as well the people and the place :)

If Romualda could be a flavour, what would it be? And an aroma?
Ah I love this question, and it have so many flavours! But the first thing that comes up is a really pretty layer cake, dressed with whipped cream, flowers like malva, roses, elderflowers, maybe some calendula for the yellow touch.. And inside layers of delicious different fillings like raspberry jam, and apricots! Maybe that’s a lot, haha but it feels definitely like something sweet, juicy, colourful and fresh… I’d order a Romualda flavoured cake that’s for sure!

What caught your attention about Romualda?
The artistic expression that feels so alive, and also you girls! You are as sunny as the brand, and people behind brands says a lot!
What do you love about Romualda? I love that it feels playful, yet impressive and fancy! The materials are a dream, and you just want to savour it all. It makes you happy, which is one of the most powerful things in life.


Why did you choose the Crisantemo hat?
I went in with my ”food lens” checking for appealing flavours in the colours, and as soon as I saw Crisantemo I had a vision. Earthy, simple, the lines, I felt the ingredients calling!
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